New Choices Entertainment is developing and plans to market a new proprietary portable and mobileantenna, designed to mobilize today’s home entertainment market.  New Choices’ revolutionary product consists of its patented Antenna Tuner Array, together with related, smart-phone enabled Apps and cloud-based network operations center.

The patented Antenna Tuner Array, configured in several designs, will enable users to watch multi-channel broadcast television in true high definition (1080i/1080p) integrated with streaming Internet content on devices as compact as their smartphone display or as large as their large format displays -- without the use of any other home entertainment device.

newChoicetv negates the need for the quintessential set top box and renders home entertainment truly portable. The Apps included with newChoicetv will enable users to consolidate their entertainment content libraries, together with online content (whether broadcast or streamed), and shift seamlessly between a wide variety of home entertainment offerings for television viewing in high definition.

Together, an Antenna Tuner Array, the accompanying Apps, and a cloud-based network operations center will serve as our “Managed Hardware Environment.” The Managed Hardware Environment will facilitate the inclusion of virtually all legal and licensed content, which will include free, premium, On Demand and Pay-Per-View programming, with adaptable parental controls. The Managed Hardware Environment is being designed to facilitate real time, automatic updates, keeping the user’s content availability information consistently current - all while remaining remarkably easy to use by the consumer.

New Choices expects to market newChoicetv online, directly to consumers, through strategic marketing partners and is exploring opportunities to license its intellectual property to companies focused on different segments of the global market.

While newChoicetv will be introduced initially to the U.S. market, New Choices believes that the greatest market opportunity lies in parts of the world unreachable by wired broadband.  As such, when released, newChoicetv will be bi-lingual, enabling Spanish-speaking users to benefit from its market changing features. Additional languages are planned for wider distribution.